Momentum Presents in Partnership with the Customer Experience Professionals Association

The Innovation + Customer Experience Summit

The boundaries between industries are blurring as changes in customer behavior and opportunities offered by emerging technology create a singular slate of challenges and opportunities that executives across all verticals need to address. Forcing brands to pause and re-think their customer experience strategy in a way that will drive the most value for both the customer and the organization, today’s most innovative brands are shifting their focus from products and services to a customer-centric approach that takes a 360-view of the customer to create effortless omni-channel experiences. Customer experience IS the new currency of loyalty.


Taking a holistic view of the customer exploring all touchpoints both physical and digital, iCXP will invite you to be a part of a conversation that will challenge you to improve your customer experience by looking at your customer not as a one-time transaction but rather as a continuous relationship that gets better with time. With each interaction providing another opportunity to delight and exceed expectations iCXP will feature brand-led case study discussions that will immerse you into a discussion of not only the why but more importantly the how that is driving the most memorable customer experiences for today’s time-strapped and on-the-go customer.


An integral component of the conversation, iCXP will also include roundtable discussions that will explore human-centered design and the customer relationship from both an external as well as an internal perspective. To be most effective at delivering an exceptional customer experience, a company must practice what it preaches. Brands who are succeeding at customer experience inspire amongst their employees a feeling of value and instill in them a belief that they are absolutely vital to ensuring a delightful customer experience. The delivery of the brand promise must start within the brand.


Driving the innovation behind customer experience, technology is redefining how brands are streamlining the customer experience to create a seamless and in some instances human-less customer experience.  Often a key differentiator for those brands who are employing scalable technology and other innovative technology adaptations, iCXP will provide participants with useful recommendations on how to make the case for the use of technology as part of your customer experience strategy while also demonstrating ROI – Return on Innovation – to your senior leadership.

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